Standard half size stainless steel or foil pans.

No, not yet but currently being engineered.

It’s dishwasher safe so you can reuse as many times as you see fit!

No, recommendation is not to place in oven when baking or heating up food.

However you can heat up food on sterno burners and have our lids covering food while heating up.

Please note that there will be condensation when lid is closed while heating up on sterno burners.

13 1/8" wide X 10 3/4" deep X 3" tall

10" wide X 7 1/2" deep

We currently sell a 1 pack and 3 pack

Yes, recommendation is to fill stainless steel or foil pan about half way before sliding on Vue Lidz over container. Then you continue to full up container with food desired.




We do offer refunds/returns within 5 days of purchase, that meets some of this basic criteria: No major damage, use, or very clear altered state after removed from packaging. Customer pays full shipping cost and returns in original packaging  

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